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Look, Ma, first post

Hello, World! I couldn't start my own blog with a different greeting.

I created this blog without a much greater purpose than to document my experiences and create a platform to express. I have contained the urge to start my own blog because of my fear of not having anything impactful to say. But it has changed today. I’ll use this place as an attempt to systematize my chaotic mess of brain activity and practice my writing. Last but not least, I hope I can contribute to the community.

There are many reasons why others start their blog, but these three are the main ones for me.

It’s a great way to learn something new

Writing a blog post requires a real understanding of the topic. That’s a good test to check if I really learned it. If I can explain something to someone, it means I truly have that knowledge. If I can’t write and clearly explain a topic, it means I need to take more time to dive into the topic. In the end, I’ll blog about something I find hard to understand and something I don’t know yet.

My own knowledge database

This is my own knowledge library which I can revisit to refresh my memory. Also, I imagine a day when someone asks me how to do something and if I have it documented I can just share my blog post. Isn't it awesome?


I guess I'll receive feedback. Positive and negative. Every feedback is an opportunity to learn because I can compare different points of view. I’m always curious about how others are solving the problems that I’m facing and if there is a better way or an easier approach that I'm not aware yet.


Well, I'm bad at conclusions so far.

Questions, comments, or feedback? Email me or catch me on Twitter.

Happy Coding, meow!